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My mantra

“Your job as a parent is more important than you.”  ~ Vern Petrick.

A few weeks ago I saw a repeat of a story on ESPN’s E:60 program.  It was a story about Ben Petrick,  the former catcher for the Colorado Rockies back in the early 2000′s. Being a baseball junkie,  I vaguely remember the kid.   It’s an emotional and inspirational story about the human spirit and doing the best you can with what you got. 

Ben Petrick is a good man and father.

I’m confident in saying that about Ben because of what his father said to him during an especially difficult time in his life.   It’s that quote that I started this post off with.  

“Your job as a parent is more important than you.”

I couldn’t agree more.   At a time in my life where I am frequently overwhelmed with the pressures of career,  relationships,  money,  and trying to do my best,  I find strength in that phrase.   See,  I will always put my children above myself.  They didn’t ask for my woes and when you really look at it,  my problems are minor to those of many others… Ben Petrick has bigger problems than me.

So Vern Petrick’s words have been my daily inspiration and the words I reach to when I’m troubled.  Thank you Vern.


Ben Petrick


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